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Madness is a 2010 seven-day roguelike about darkness and insanity.

It's written in Python and libtcod.


Version 1.0 (7DRL release) - includes source code; runs under Windows and Linux.
Version 1.0+fix - Now also bundled with 64-bit libtcod shared library, so it should work under Linux x64 as well.
Git repository - source code hosted on Github.

Running under Linux - execute python You need the SDL library.

Running under Windows - run madness.exe.
If you get a "MSVCR90.dll not found" error, you need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (2.6 MB). This is a Python runtime's dependency.


FeatureCreeper is a variant of Madness, currently developed by Jesse Scherer. Features include difficulty tweaks, new items, monsters, effects, and more.